Description of Task:

The Written Plan will provide a record of your group’s plan for solving the issue of viability. For a restaurant to be viable it must have the ability to survive over a long period of time. For this to happen it must make money all year round.

See the definition of Viability at:

Criteria for This Task:

1. List at least 2 practical problems your group must solve in order to ensure your restaurant is viable. How might you solve these problems?
2. Create a written plan to address these problems and choose a solution as a group.
Be prepared to discuss these issues, your plan and to justify your solution during your presentation.
Also be prepared to discuss reasons for the way your group designed the layout. You must justify your design.


Science Outcomes:
8-0-1C. Identify practical problems to solve.
8-0-3E. Create a written plan to solve identified problem.
8-0-6D. Identify and make improvements to a prototype and explain the rationale for the changes.