Daily Time Line Of the Project

Description of Task:

1. Create a timeline for your project from start to finish on your package calendar.
2. Who will complete what tasks?
3. What tools will your group need to bring to clas to help complete the project? Who will bring what?
4. Who is responsible for specific jobs and when will those final products be completed? Look below to find out when each component of the project should be done.

Once you have completed this task, please show this to your supervising teacher.

Criteria for This Task:

1. A completed schedule of the group's timeline.
2. A completed list of the roles and responsibilities of each group member.
3. A reflection on how well the schedule worked out.

Mini- Due Dates for Project:

Thursday, June 4
1. Timeline of tasks to complete on project
2. Who is reponsible for each task.
3. Begin your written plan for the project by listing all the problems and proposing some solutions. Complete as much of this written plan as you can prior to moving forward with your restaurant design, concept and layout.
4. Begin working on rest of project.

Friday, June 5
1. Story board for tv commercial
2. Script for radio commercial
3. Restaurant Title.
4. Theme for food of the restaurant.

Monday, June 8
1. Billboard and bus advertisement
2. Commercial script written out, 30 seconds long.
3. Layout should be well on its way by now. Remember to keep track of your costs.

Tuesday, June 9
1. Budget for Advertisements
2. Costs for advertisements
3. Menu 75% completed

Wednesday, June 10
1. PowerPoint of Presentation
2. Menu completed
3. Radio ad
4. TV storyboard for commercial
5. Completed Budget and Layout

Thursday, June 11
1. Presentations

Friday, June 12
1. Presentations


ELA: 5.2.2- Students working cooperatively in groups.
ELA: 5.2.3 Students showing respect to one another while working in groups.