Marketing Strategy

Description of Task:

Part A: Research and design a marketing strategy for your restaurant that includes:
1. A logo.
2. A radio commercial that is 30 seconds long.
3. A tv commercial- if you can't film a commercial then you can draw a commercial out on a story board on manilla tag.
4. A bill board advertisment, newspaper advertisement or bus advertisement.

Part B: Explanation of Market Strategy and how it connects to your restaurant.
1. You must report on how much each type of add will cost to run.
2. You must be able to explain why you designed your logo the way you did. Why you used certain colours, fonts and images.
3. You have to be able to connect your advertising/market strategy directly to your restaurant.
4. You also have to explain who this restaurant is best suitable for (i.e. young people, families, seniors, etc)

Part C: Budget for Adversting
You must make a spreadsheet explaining your advertising costs for this project. You must itemize each advertisement and how much each one will cost your team to promote your restaurant.

Black White Winnipeg Free Press 1/2 page ad, $7500, 3 days
Colour Winnipeg Free Press $9000, 3 days

1 bus ad - outside/side of bus - would cost about $185 each
Billboards are approx $500 each for media we would recommend about 30 billboards for Winnipeg –
Radio- 3-4 stations. Each 30 second radio slot costs between $20 and
$100 per spot depending on the station.

TV- For a strong enough TV buy locally, $2000 for those not high quality commercials or upto $100,000 for more expensive commercials like MTS might do.

Criteria for This Task:

1. Location information of your restaurant, hours or operation, phone number, email.
2. Eye catching logo design.
3. Neat and unique looking graphic design (hint, look at famous restaurant logos for ideas).
4. "Hint" at the the type of food your restaurant serves.
5. How your market package connects to your restaurant.
6. Create a spreadsheet of the total costs of your advertising costs.