She’s Come Undone! A New Restaurant on the Provencher Street Bridge!

Living in Manitoba we are exposed to dangerous temperatures. In -47 wind chill nobody in their right mind wants to venture out to downtown Winnipeg to enjoy a Nip Burger at the Salisbury House restaurant on the Provencher Bridge. Anybody in their right mind would rather enjoy +30 degree weather at one of many of glorious lakes in Manitoba. As a result, Salisbury House has fallen on hard times. They have closed the restaurant in the winter and are only open it in the summer to dwindling customers.

Students, your challenge is to come up with a practical solution for this glorious and amazing piece of property. Working in groups, your task is to create a new, dynamic, exciting, Manitoba themed and tasty restaurant on the Provencher Bridge (where the Salisbury house is now) that will be a hit all year round! Your group will present your project to Robert Andrews own Dragon’s Den (watch CBC) panel.

The project has the following 8 parts to it:

1. Power Point Presentation- This pp will display all of your group's information from the tasks listed below.

2. Timeline- Create a timeline for your project from start to finish. Who will complete what tasks, who is responsible for specific jobs and when will those final products be completed?

3.Written Plan - Your group will be requried to identify some practical problems that need to be solved, propose a couple of solutions to those problems and then choose one solution that will work for each problem. Then you must be prepared to justify your solutions to the Dragon's Den panel.

4.Budget and Layout
- You will have a budgeted amount of money. You will have to show the panel where you have spent every cent. You must also design and draw a functional layout for your restaurant.

5.**Marketing & Small Display**- Research and design a marketing strategy for your restaurant that includes a radio commercial, TV commercial, billboard, commercial, newspaper advertisement or bus advertisement.

6. Menu & Food Presentation- You will create a menu that your restaurant would use. You will also prepare one of the Manitoba themed meals off your menu and present it to the Dragon’s Den panel to sample and assess.

7. Presentation- You will present your PowerPoint, menu, meal and marketing strategy to the panel on June 11th or 12th. To look professional you might want to dress up, dress the same or design and wear an outfit employees would wear in the new restaurant.