Description of Task:

Restaurant Diagram
You must also have a scaled drawing of your restaurant. On the drawing, you must show:
· Accurate placement of tables.
· Diagram of restrooms with accurate dimensions of plumbing fixtures.
To do this accurately, you must figure out how much floor area you have in the restaurant. You will then need to figure out the area of the tables you choose and allow for room behind chairs, walkways, etc.

Criteria for This Task:

1. Find the total area of the restaurant. Using the area determine how much, what type and the total cost of all flooring you will need. Use the prices below. Indicate on your diagram where each type of flooring will be placed and its area.
2. Place tables and chairs on the layout ensuring you leave adequate space for walk ways and movement of servers and people through the restaurant. How many will you need and what will the cost for tables and chairs be? How many people can your layout seat?
3. Design the layout of the washrooms and use the prices below to keep track of your costs. Ensure that the eveything fits into the space.
4. Place lights in appropriate spots. How many will you need and what will the total cost for lighting be?

Ø 60 cm diameter - $150.00
Ø 100cm diameter - $200.00
Ø 140cm x 70cm - $250.00
Ø 70cm x 70 cm - $200.00


Ø 50cm wide seat - $80.00 each

Ø 50cm wide seat - $50.00 each

Bathroom sinks - $150.00 each
Toilets - $200.00 each
Urinals - $150.00 each

Lights – $75.00 each

Carpet – $13.00/m2
Hardwood – $20.00/m2
Vinyl – $11.00/m2

Ceramic – $17.00/m2

Your budget will need to be created in Microsoft Word and presented in a pie graph format.